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KOBK 112 Social Media Attack on Self Defense

Politics are not the only item on the social media censorship hit list – over the last few years there has been a ban on products and content that promotes…

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KOBK 111 Knife Throwing for Self Defense

Can you…should you throw a knife for self defense…is throwing away a perfectly good weapon at your attacker EVER a good idea? We break down some popular movie clips and…

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KOBK 110 – Dim Mak (Death Touch)

KOBK 110 Death Touch and a little Systema In this episode of the Kill or Be Killed Podcast we take a hard (and pretty funny) look into adults, who don’t…

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KOBK 109 Killing

Killing…is a dirty word in the martial arts. We don’t “talk” about killing, yet we trade on the reputation of being “trained killers” – we practice techniques that we think…

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