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Self Defense Instructor Bry Galganski, Frankenmuth, Michigan

Meet for Police Officer and current Level 3 Self Defense Company Instructor and fitness trainer Bry Galganski.  Instructor Galganski heads up the Self Defense Company of Michigan and along with…

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Self Defense Company Instructor Nick Palumbo, Port Richey Florida

Meet Self Defense Company Instructor Nick Palumbo Nick is a retired LEO and certified Level 5 (top level) Instructor of SDTS Combatives and became a Self Defense Company Instructor a…

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KOBK #96 Why there will Always be Victims

  In this episode of the Kill or Be Killed Podcast… New and Returning SDC Instructors The Elite Work Out of the Week Getting Certified Why there will alway be…

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Death of the Modern Dojo

This post will certainly bring out the fake tough guys and keyboard warriors… ​ I can hear the trolls now …“You’re a snake-oil, mcdojo, scam artist, charlatan” (you may need…

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