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Why Your Punches Are Sloppy in the Street?

Why Your Punches Are Sloppy in the Street? Why do seasoned martial artists and pro-fighters go from throwing precise, technically correct, crisp punches in the gym to wild haymakers in the…

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Self Defense and the Law

Self Defense and the Law What most people know about the law and self defense is based on urban legend, the movies and the media. Even the notion that you can…

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Top Ten Worst Self Defense Advice

Top 10: The Worst Self Defense Advice  A not-so-wise man once said, “Any self defense advice is good advice.” While the intent is well-meaning, nothing could be farther from the truth. Bad…

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He Hate Me

HE HATE ME I need to get something off my chest… I’ve been offering The Self Defense Training System online since 2002 and I’ve heard it all before… “You can’t learn…

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