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Weapons of The Self Defense Training System

Below are a few of the weapons trained in the Self Defense Training System (SDTS) Combatives Program

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The TRUTH about Self Defense

The truth about self defense is that it’s not a sport or a style. It’s not complicated or convoluted, it’s an instinct in every living creature, even you. It’s our…

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Self Defense for Fun and Profit

​​I need to make this VERY CLEAR. The Instructor Program is not a “Get Rich Quick” scheme and while we have instructors earning thousands of dollars per month teaching in…

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Self Defense Classes in Yuba-Sutter California

Welcome to Yuba-Sutter Self Defense in Yuba City, Ca. Meet Instructor Don McGuffin, a native born Yuba City resident that was raised in Marshfield Mo. and returned after high school…

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Stand Up and Celebrate the 4th of July

This 4th of July I’m going to stand up and celebrate what makes America great. This year – we need to celebrate, now more than now more than ever, for…

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Who is Captain Chris Pizzo

The return of Christopher Lawrence Pizzo, Captain Chris Pizzo or Lt X. Chris Pizzo made a name for himself as Lt. X and then later as Captain Chris Pizzo selling…

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Self Defense Classes in Tampa Bay, Florida

Meet Self Defense Company Instructor Richard D’Angelo who is now teaching Self Defense Company Combatives Programs in Tampa Bay Florida and online. Instructor D’Angelo brings a lifetime of dealing with…

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Defund the Police – How Bad Will It Get?

What exactly does “defund the police” mean?​At its best it will eliminate the fat and overspend, and put that money into social programs at it’s worse it will cut man power…

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Training Equipment for the Self Defense Training System

Century BOB This piece of equipment is still your best bang for the buck. You will be able to remove the torso for ground fighting. It’s a stand alone unit,…

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