The TRUTH about Self Defense

The TRUTH about Self Defense

The truth about self defense is that it’s not a sport or a style. It’s not complicated or convoluted, it’s an instinct in every living creature, even you. It’s our mission to help you unlock that instinct and channel it in the most efficient means possible using whatever tools at your disposal.

Tools can be weapons, empty hand, a rock – anything that will give you the tactical advantage at the time. This isn’t about playing a game on an even playing field – it’s about successfully defending yourself which simply means you survive the attack.

Self defense starts with awareness, avoidance and escape and ends with domination and defeat – with the purpose of STOPPING THE THREAT. It does not need to be excessive, just whatever is necessary to (say it with me) STOP THE THREAT.

The truth is that ANYONE can protect and defend. You just need to be shown the way. You need to discover what works best for you and how to adapt it to any situation.

This is an education, not a fitness endeavor. Don’t wait to “be in shape” to start because you’re most likely to get targeted when you appear weak and distracted. Which means NOW is the time. It also means that you must consistently adapt your current physical skill set to meet the constant demand of self defense. But don’t worry, this can be done in minutes and hours not months and years.

Knowledge builds confidence, training and practice create habits. Anyone can do this, it’s in your DNA. Be patient and remember, five minutes of the RIGHT training is worth a lifetime of the wrong training.

Train Honestly,

Damian Ross
Founder, The Self Defense Company


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Founder, The Self Defense Company

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