Self Defense for Fun and Profit

Self Defense for Fun and Profit

​​I need to make this VERY CLEAR. The Instructor Program is not a “Get Rich Quick” scheme and while we have instructors earning thousands of dollars per month teaching in person and online lessons…we also have instructors who don’t make ANY MONEY and here’s why…

What’s the difference between the successful instructors and unsuccessful instructors?

That’s easy….

Successful Instructors follow instructions and talk to their mentors. In the first few weeks of joining the program, under the direct guidance of your mentor you will need to:

  • Take a picture
  • Send a bio
  • Set up your facebook page
  • Attend You Orientation call with your Mentor

When you become an Instructor your will get a SCORE CARD. On that score card is a list of tasks you need to complete. From the items I just mentioned to commenting on social media to sharing  Self Defense Company Posts and Tweets. There are a few dozen items you need to complete. Some things you need to do on a regular basis, others only once.

So – do you know what the unsuccessful Instructors have in common?

They do NOTHING.

That’s correct, for one reason or another…they do nothing.

Look, some people don’t do anything because they think because they put up a facebook page the world is going to come rushing to their door (sorry to burst your bubble, this is simply NOT the case).

Any business is a GRIND and you need to work smart and be consistent over time. One of the great features of the Instructor Program is the community. Likeminded people such as yourself looking to help others and spread the truth about self defense.


And if you like what you hear, and think you have what it takes, fill out the application  on the link below..

Become an Instructor


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