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(Insane Footage) Fight Breaks Out at Joe’s Pizza

Things escalated very quickly inside of a pizza parlor in NYC… You think you are heading in for a slice of pepperoni and you end up in a brawl and…

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Self Defense Company Instructor Level 4 Promotion

Congratulations to Instructor Mario Karam who successfully completed his LEVEL 4 Instructor Certification. This is the equivalent to a 3rd degree black belt in Military Combatives. Instructor Karam started with…

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Self Defense Seminar Dr. Gross Skin Care

This Self Defense Seminar is Presented By  Dr. Dennis Gross Skin Care Clean, Responsible Skin Care.

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Chin Jab with a Post

The POST is a force multiplier…increasing the damage of your strike exponentially.  

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Chin Jab – Sorry?

You’re not an a$$hole – so when you hit your training partner by accident you STOP and apologize…this is a problem.  

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First Strike Mentality

Momentum is one of the pillars of self defense and most “trained” people make this simple mistake that will put them in a world of hurt.

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First Strike Momentum

Most people train to WAIT to let your attacker strike first – this is a DEADLY mistake and against a real street fighter, the fights over. Instead, use this “set…

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