Self Defense Classes in Tampa Bay, Florida

Self Defense Classes in Tampa Bay, Florida

Meet Self Defense Company Instructor Richard D’Angelo who is now teaching Self Defense Company Combatives Programs in Tampa Bay Florida and online.

Instructor D’Angelo brings a lifetime of dealing with real violence to the Self Defense Company. He’s been a Corrections Officer for over 7 years, with the last Year and a Half working in a Maximum Security Facility. He learned very quickly that what was taught in Martial Arts failed to work in an actual fight and I had to rely on Awareness and Basic, No B.S. Techniques.

“And believe me….. I was involved in altercations almost every other day so these basics needed to work.” Comments Instructor D’Angelo.“Don’t get me wrong…. I LOVE Martial Arts. I love teaching others the Positive Benefits involved such as Integrity, Honesty, Perseverance and Never Giving Up!!!! I also take what is taught in our Martial Art and show how to apply it Practically for those that train at our School. The problem is that in Traditional Martial Arts, there are still too many “Gaps” in training that don’t address many specific needs. This is where my search finally brought me to the Self Defense Company.”

So why the Self-Defense Company?

“Simple…. I want to make sure that average, everyday people have access to the Best Self-Defense options available to them, and the Self-Defense Company GIVES them those options. Most people, especially Adults, aren’t interested in Belts, Uniforms, Competitions, or simply don’t have the time to commit to several years of training. They want a system that is proven and will work FOR THEM based on their physical abilities. This is where the Self-Defense Company and the Self-Defense Training System EXCEL.”

“This is why I am proud to be affiliated with the organization and the Instructors that dedicate themselves to educating and helping keep others safe.”

The Self-Defense Company of Tampa Bay is proud to serve Pinellas County and the Greater
Tampa Bay, Florida Area.

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Instructor Rich D’Angelo at a glance

  • Co-Owner and Chief Instructor at Indian Rocks Choi Kwang Do / U.M.A.
  • Studying Martial Arts and Combatives for over 35 years.
  • Training includes Brazilian Jiu-Jutsu, Aikido, Tae Kwon Do, Krav Maga, Law Enforcement Defensive Tactics, Jeet Kune Do, Shotokan, Choi Kwang Do / U.M.A. and Iaido just to name a few.
  • Correctional Officer however that truly opened his eyes regarding Self-Defense.

To Train with Instructor D’Angelo in person (or online0 GO HERE <<<

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