Revelations in Training

Revelations in Training

There are very few things when it comes to training that give me a REVELATION – I don’t use that term often, if ever – so you need to listen to this segment of the Joe Rogan podcast with¬†Firas Zahabi talking about how you should approach training.

I’ve been able to train with European and Russian wrestlers and Judoka – I’ve trained on literally every level of sport – and what Firas is telling you is 100% gospel.

Takeaways –

  • More volume, less intensity. It’s better to work out more often than more intense. 3 hard days a week vs 5 moderate days a week will increase your frequency in training over 60% – this is why we say even a few minutes goes a LONG way.
  • The days you feel like crap – warm up, feel better then STOP.
  • Do not BURN yourself out – do not seek fatigue (70% rule)
  • Do not work out to be sore

BTW, Pavel’s “Power to the People” changed my lifting routine forever.



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