There are very few things when it comes to training that give me a REVELATION – I don’t use that term often, if ever – so you need to listen to this segment of the Joe Rogan podcast with Firas Zahabi talking about how you should approach training.

I’ve been able to train with European and Russian wrestlers and Judoka – I’ve trained on literally every level of sport – and what Firas is telling you is 100% gospel.

Takeaways –

  • More volume, less intensity. It’s better to work out more often than more intense. 3 hard days a week vs 5 moderate days a week will increase your frequency in training over 60% – this is why we say even a few minutes goes a LONG way.
  • The days you feel like crap – warm up, feel better then STOP.
  • Do not BURN yourself out – do not seek fatigue (70% rule)
  • Do not work out to be sore

BTW, Pavel’s “Power to the People” changed my lifting routine forever.



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