Self Defense Classes in Madison, Wisconsin

Self Defense Classes in Madison, Wisconsin

Security Officer Now Forming Self Defense Classes is Madison, Wisconsin.

Meet Self Defense Company Instructor Nathan Willison

He never stood for bullying in any sense. Growing up he had to learn quickly what worked and what didn’t when confronting bullies both larger than me, and in groups. This led to some trials of my skills from a very young age.

Eventually he found a dojo, and studied mixed martial arts.

He became very successful at it because he combined his attitude from stadning up for himself and intensity with a new found application of respect, practice, discipline, and technique. This experience has come to serve me well to stay out of real danger over the years.

Growing up in a law enforcement household, with many close family members and friends in various military branches, I was afforded a high level of personal study, research and practice in firearms safety and defensive tactics. 

At Present Instructor Willison is a security officer working in the private sector.

In his own words, “I am excited to have found the Self Defense Training System, and am extremely excited for the honor and privilege to be a Self Defense Company Instructor!”

Self defense classes are forming now in Madison, Wisconsin.


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