The forward drive.

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The Forward Drive – The Secret to Winning the Fight

“Always take ground, Always be Where He’s Standing.”

This is the mantra of the Self Defense Company Instructor.

Moving forward…driving forward takes control of TWO of the pillars of self defense – BALANCE and MOMENTUM. Destroy his balance, maintain yours. Stop his momentum, increase yours. This doesn’t matter if you’re in the ring, the street or the battlefield, the force advancing is winning, the one retreating is losing. 

Let’s not get this confused with a “brief” side step or parry – but if you continue to move backwards and away from the attack – you will lose. Your techniques will lack bodyweight and power generated by pushing off the ground and using your hips. When you’re off balance you can’t hit effectively, or should I say, to your maximum potential.

If you find yourself moving away from the attack — KEEP RUNNING and get out of there!

This is also the key to momentum. Momentum is the FORCE multiplier. The more you can move forward – the faster, the greater your velocity, the”bigger” you become. Force is equal to mass times acceleration. So your weight (mass) increases the faster you move. Smaller people may feel uncomfortable moving forward aggressively into their attacker – but it’s for these reason alone THEY HAVE NO OTHER CHOICE.

Take ground – always be where he is standing – the faster the better.

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  1. Is similar to freestyle wrestling, boxing, Jeet Kune Do and fencing forward foot-work. Moving backwards will get you creamed! Either move forward or angle forward or else forget it!

  2. Excellent technique will remember this. Similar to wrestling I did. Get your opponent off balance and you come out on top! Thanks!

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