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I am a felon

I am a felon

Now Illegal in the Republic of New Jersey

Right now I am breaking the law. In fact, I’m going to continue to break the law as long as I possibly can because on Monday the NJ legislature passed a ban on all magazines that hold more than 10 rounds. Now I know that I’m probably not going to go to jail and the reality is that I can continue to use my 10+ round magazines until they wear out, but that’s not what has my knickers in a twist.

The biggest issue I have isn’t the tactical and practical ramifications. It’s about our government’s ability and desire to dictate how you should protect yourself without any rhyme or reason. Seriously, how does limiting the amount of ammunition you can carry actually protect the law-abiding public?


It doesn’t.

In fact in New Jersey this law is even MORE ridiculous when it pertains to handguns. We’re not a conceal carry state. So for the general public, this restriction applies to weapons at the range and in your own home.

What the passing of this law does is prove that the government can decide, for whatever reason, to impose restrictions on you when it comes to personal defense without ANY regard to the impact that legislation has on the law-abiding citizen trying to save his or her life.

Bad guys will not think twice about these laws because well…they’re bad guys.

You are the only one who will obey these laws, but that’s OK. I have a “workaround” for you.

The spork - not to be confused with the other white meat.
The spork – not to be confused with the other white meat.

Heck, they can take your guns, take your pepper spray, take your stun guns, take your knives, and any other weapon that can be used to inflict damage on another human being. They can take it all away until you’re left with nothing else but oven mitts and a plastic spork.

But one thing they can’t take away is your ability to defend yourself.

Now I’m not talking about MMA, Kung Fu or anything else that comes to mind when you think of self defense. I’m speaking of your ability to use proven principles of close quarters combat and apply them to any situation. I’m talking about your ability to turn common household items into a useful, life saving weapon.


I’m talking about developing your mind and your will to survive and protect.

Let me ask you something, what’s the difference between a T-handle tool and a T-handle blade?

The “T-Handle Blade”

Other than the edge and the point of the knife, not much. In fact chances are the tool is made better than the blade.

I’m sure you may have some questions about performance. You think the blade will penetrate and do more damage because that’s what its designed to do. Well here at the Self Defense Company we have a tendency to test these things. So what we did is tested the T-handle knife and the T-handle tool against a jug of water, a stack of cardboard and a pork shoulder.


What we found was that the T-handle tool performed about as well as the T-handle blade. There was a slight edge to the blade in penetration on the pork should but we all agreed the tool would do a good enough job. Plus if you decided to put a point on the tool it would do even better than the blade.

The point is (no pun) the government can take anything away from you and it shouldn’t effect your ability to survive and

Most tools like the T-Handle can be "multipurpose"
Most tools like the T-Handle can be “multipurpose”

protect.  As long as you have the right training you can turn anything from a book to a ball point pen into a weapon. In fact we dedicate 2 modules in the SDTS Combatives Program on that specific skill. First you learn the principles of edged and impact weapons in module 9, then you discover how to use a variety of non-traditional weapons in module 11 based on the same motor skills from module 9.


I don’t care what side of the gun debate you land on, there’s one thing we can all agree upon – your mind and your will to survive and protect are your greatest assets.

Train Honestly,

Damian Ross









Founder, The Self Defense Company



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