Killer Combatives Combo Number 1

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Killer Combatives Combo Number 1


This is the first EVER combatives combination I ever learn (AWWW) and it set the foundation for ALL of my training and the SDTS.

Besides the Core Combat Moves – the rhythm and the number of strikes programs you to attack and KEEP ATTACKING. Unlike sparring or martial arts where you STOP after a score – in the street you need to keep moving forward, taking ground and ATTACKING because:

  • You never want to give him the opportunity to gain his balance and attack you.
  • You never know what you’re actually going to connect with – you’re going to miss…quite a bit.
  • You want to keep the momentum going in your favor, the fast you move forward, the more force you put in your attack.

This combo brings me back and I still practice it.


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  1. I like that combo, brother.
    If the attacker has his right hand stretched out towards me, I would’ve started with tapping the pressure points close to Lung 5. Your first strike would then be the last necessary.
    Instant turn-off :)

    But I must say …. I love your flow!


          1. Bro, his time would be better spent pushing some weights.

            No forward drive – no body weight or momentum. That kick on the leg isn’t really going to have the effect you believe it will and those body shots… well let’s just say they may work on my 83 year old mom.

            This isn’t magic my friend.

            Good luck and god bless. I still can’t believe people think that nonsense works.

  2. That’s right; a flurry of powerful, devastating blows. A firestorm of attacks. Let this guy know he’s been attacked and put the fear of God into him.

  3. Question from James S.

    Your video was great yesterday. The stomping in, ax hand , chin jab, followed by a knee. It seems like you Shoot in and throw a fake ax hand followed by a complete one. Why would you not just move with one solid hit? I really enjoyed that video. I hope I was able to articulate my question.
    Warm Regards,

    Hey Jim, great question and I’m glad you asked.

    The reason the first short edge of hand DOESN’T have a wind up is because it’s an opening technique.

    First, you need to STOP or JAM his attack as fast as possible. While we’re not waiting for him to strike, we are REACTING to the shift in his weight which means he’s already attacking – so we don’t have the time to wind up and strike.

    Second, we don’t want to telegraph our strike and give him a chance to react.

    The “best” we can do in these circumstances is the short edge of hand with the drop step. The drop step allows you to put the most weight possible behind your attack WITHOUT loading up on your back leg.

    The opening short edge of hand is a disrupter – it stops his momentum and sets up the long edge of hand and larger attacks. Then you take ground and keep moving into him.

    Does that help?

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