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Self Defense Classes in Palm Beach Florida

Self Defense Classes in Palm Beach Florida

Law Enforcement Officer and Multiple Black Belt Holder (and TV Star) is now holding Self Defense Classes in Palm Beach, Florida

Instructor John Landry is no stranger to violence. During his tenure as a State Law Enforcement Detective Lieutenant (retired) and a paid part-time police officer in Broward County, his duties have always involved training. 

As a police officer and security professional, Instructor Landry has been attacked several times with weapons and empty hands, “I had to utilize m combatives training on many occasions.” Instructor Landry was involved in undercover and task force operations as well where he.“had to take care of myself by myself in some of those assignments.”

Instructor Landry teaching a self defense class in the Palm Beach studio.

Instructor Landry started his martial arts training with Judo in 1974 and then branched out to many different martial arts systems and styles where achieved several black belt ranks. He still teaches Judo and Japanese Ju-Jitsu to kids at the local Police Athletic League and has been teaching martial arts, self defense and firearms since 1989. 

Instructor Landry started with the Self Defense Company as a Self Defense System Training Member and then became interested becoming an instructor due to the tremendous support and assistance that Damian and the Self Defense Company provide.  

Instructor Landry choppin ice on Knife or Die!

Did someone say TV Star?

Instructor Landry appeared on Knife or Die on the History season 2, episode 4 where he almost completed the grueling course (did someone say rematch?!?!)


Instructor Landry is currently holding self defense classes in the palm beach area featuring Self Defense Company Combatives and looks to continue to grow his reach behind the SDC Banner.


Instructor John Landry, Ph.D. at a glance:

  • Instructor, Self Defense Company
  • Law Enforcement Lieutenant – Retired
  • Certified State of Florida police instructor in Police Defensive Tactics, Firearms, and General Topics
  • Licensed State of Florida Private Security Firearms Instructor
  • Owner/Chief Instructor – Palm Beach Combatives Academy
  • Director of Communications, American Ju-Jitsu Association
  • President, United States Combatives Association

To contact instructor Landry about self defense classes in the Palm Beach area:



Call: 561-310-9994 


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Published by Damian (Instructor)

Founder, The Self Defense Company

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  1. Hello, Dr. Landry. You encouraged me to pursue my dissertation, “Minimizing Injuries Related to Interpersonal Violence,” back at the beginning of my research in 2014. And it is going well, so thank you for your encouragement! I discovered SDTS while researching systems to be used for higher education self defense training, and am I happy that I did! This system is more flexible and available in a semester format than the Model Mugging, IMPACT or Rape Aggression Defense programs. I am in the data collection phase, and anticipate being done around May 2019. Thank you again, and welcome to SDTS! Bernie McPherson, Hawaii.

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