Self defense tip: Opening Technique, The Whip Kick

Self defense tip: Opening Technique, The Whip Kick

Self Defense Company Instructor Scott Cole from Rockville, Maryland (CONTACT HERE)  gives you a quick self defense tip on how to open up your defense against a larger, stronger attacker with a little mis-direction and the whip kick to the groin.

This is an opening gambit meant to STALL your attacker’s advance and allow you to follow up with more powerful and devastating attacks. Lead with speed, follow with power. 



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Founder, The Self Defense Company

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  1. Love the lesson. However, I practicing diligently with both the front AND rear foot so I have NO “weak” side.

  2. Used this techniques many times while working the doors. No one ever blocked me. That being said, I learned this in my youth. No offense intended.

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