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Stoneman – Douglas Active Shooter Report

Stoneman – Douglas Active Shooter Report

This first link is a media analysis of the commission report on the school shootings at Stoneman-Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, near Fort Lauderdale & Palm Beach. 

The link includes audio, video, radio traffic & 9-1-1 calls. 

Link here:

Here is the entire report developed by the independent commission.

Link here:

It strongly concludes that the law enforcement agency in charge displayed significant deficiencies in training, command and individual performance in their response to the shooting.

The commission further recommended that the Sheriff’s Office conduct an internal review of the performance of seven deputies who showed up, heard shots and failed to take steps to engage the shooter. 

The report also recommends an extensive overhaul of school security measures, including mandating lockdown training for staff and creating safe areas in classrooms called “hard corners.”


The below media analysis and the report are documents that must be shared with your local school and law enforcement. I have observed that all too often school officials tend to “insulate” themselves from the bad news, or outside pressure-but this provides an outstanding opportunity to be proactive. 

Clearly, no School Official or Police Chief wants to ever deal with this kind of situation… (but as you will read, they were woefully unprepared at numerous levels) …but these documents provide one heck of an opportunity to learn. It’s an opportunity to take the report and use it as a template to compare to your communities preparedness. 

Community members, elected officials, taxpayers, teachers, parents, relatives and others must ask the questions as identified in these documents.. 

Local officials (including school boards and law enforcement) must look at each of the points in the report and determine where your community schools fit in-and make the changes as applicable.  

Please take a moment to forward (or copy or whatever) this to your School Board, School Superintendent and Law Enforcement Leadership. The hope is that they will appreciate your efforts …and urge them to use every recommendation in the report to compare it to their schools, so that the 17 people killed in Florida didn’t die in vain.




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