Confessions of a Krav Maga Instructor – The Self Defense Company

Confessions of a Krav Maga Instructor

Confessions of a Krav Maga Instructor

George Hutchings

Self Defense Company Director of Instructor Development George Hutchings tells all about his experience in teaching and training in Krav Maga, Muy Thai and the Self Defense Training System.


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Please post your thoughts and comments below and George and the other members will respond.


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Published by Damian (Instructor)

Founder, The Self Defense Company

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  1. Clear perspective on self defense sir. Couldn’t agree more on the concepts presented. Thank you.

  2. Why do you feel it necessary to swear? Does it make you feel bigger or stronger? Does it give you power? The language used is why I will probably never sign up!

    1. Jimmy, do you think an attacker in a real-life scenario is going to serenade you with song while he’s trying to mug/kill you?

    2. I guess your parents potty-trained you too hard ha. ‘uhh its bad language blah blah’ well fuck off then. Can’t handle a word but checking out videos to handle violence? Let natural selection take place please.

    3. I guess your parents potty-trained you too hard ha. ‘uhh its bad language blah blah’ well fuck off then. Can’t handle a word but checking out videos to handle violence? Let natural selection take place please.

    4. Jimmy, I agree that profanity is not necessary and that communication is a powerful force. We live in a civilized society and part of that is to communicate with a sense of respect and civility with others. I personally do not use profanity, however there are others who do not share my views and I can respect their opinion that that are just words. I feel differently. I give everyone the respect they deserve for being human, however they can lose that respect.

  3. Jimmy, do you think an attacker in a real-life scenario is going to serenade you with song while he’s trying to mug/kill you?

  4. Jimmy, I personally think that the fact that profanity being used bothers you is the BEST reason for you to sign up for the great training this company offers. I have been doing martial arts in the streets of the East Coast growing up in the hood. In martial arts competitions and unfortunately in combat in the military. And this company offers the most realistic training for real life self defense and survival that I have seen thus far.

  5. Great information and thank you for sharing. I’ve studied martial arts (Wado Ryu), and it has benefited me in training and staying in shape. But I’m 63 years of age now and I just want to protect myself and walk away. Whatever that takes.

  6. The biggest problem with trainers today is you. Please take your sef promoting pompus opinion and go ask your mommy why she cuddled u so long! Then you can tell her all about Ur issues, waste her precious time…. not mine

  7. Great information George, the SDTS is the best I have found for practical, easy to learn, comprehensive, and effective self-defense after having previously trained in 6 formal martial arts!! Thank you for all that you, Damian, and your instructors do for so many of us!

  8. I am disappointed in most of you. Rather than engage in a civilized conversation you choose to attack and demean the other person’s opinion. I guess it’s easy to do this in front of a computer, then again look at the Trump, he does the exact same thing using twitter.

  9. SDTS is a great, no nonsense, answer to today’s violent society. Keep up the good work. As far as y’all busting that guys chops about not liking profanity…. When I was about 13 I was sitting on our back patio with friends dropping F-bombs and talking like some ghetto thuglette and my dad walked back there. I guess he heard us because all he said was: “You know boys, profanity is a clear sign of stupidity. You use profanity while you talk because your brain doesn’t working as fast as your mouth so you’re trying to buy it some time to catch up.” And then he walked off… I probably haven’t cussed a dozen times since then…. But having spent a dozen years in law enforcement I can tell you…. there’s a lot of stupid out there. So I guess a lot of profanity is to be expected.

  10. I haven’t looked at the training material yet. Just read the comments. “Civilized society” ya right. Take the threat of the police away and we would degrade into a third world county in days.
    This training program and any other program that gives you even one new tool is helpful at some point. The biggest tell about character is what you say from behind your key board. The negative comments are easily attributed to butt hurt snowflakes that are offended at the thought of a f-bomb or conflict. Words are just that words. You might be a black belt ninja haiku master. You can twist words for any negative need you have. But you can also breathe and step back. Stand up and go out side. Then fuck off with your negativity!

  11. I realize that the low life folks in this world have a vocabulary of 4 letter words primarily used to intimidate and distract. That does not mean I have to train in the same environment. If you self absorbed macho bruisers want to gain a larger audience of folks that do not live in the gutter talk world you live in… then I would suggest you tone it down. I believe the information can be made clear and to the point without the language. You will probably gain a larger sales number by doing so.

  12. i’m conflicted here. like, a few things
    1st-the swearing, if you’re focused on that and not the content, your missing out. get your head out of your pseudo-religious butt and get real. since this system deals with real world.
    2nd-it is only a personal achievement to not swear being a police officer, not a badge of honor, and you’re the only one that cares, keep it to yourself
    3rd-swearing is very far from stupidy, they are mutually exclusive things, so good on someone’s dad for giving you some good advice that resulted in you watching what you say, but its a parenting tactic, not real world.
    4th-i even heard george say snot instead of shit. this is pretty tame, and much less than the thug mugging you
    5th-i am disappointed as well regarding the responses to the guy uncomfortable with the swearing, same as the guy who doesn’t swear, its not honorable to degrade someone, keep it to yourself
    6th-i try to watch my language, but that is a mutual and direct respect aspect, not some pseudo-religious honor badge or whatever. get over yourself
    7th-this is not a “politically correct” platform. if you’d rather leave yourself open to being a victim, instead of seeing the value of what’s in front of you due to your bias, then salute, we’ll see ya on the news

    what’s stupid? being distracted by words you, not everyone, but you have been conditioned to react to. if a video online can distract and detract from the value of the content, then this is exactly the program you need to break out of that halting mentality and break out of your pre-conditioning. instead of being so critical, maybe look at this as a way to innoculate yourself, and becoming aware of your pre-conditioning, and then more importantly, how to get past that.

    i can just imagine, your get jumped, the adrenaline is running, you’re aggressive and in counter offensive, then, all of a sudden, the thug takes his real magical word hurling menace form he truely is, and “fuck” leaves his mouth. your focus shifts from your attack, to HIS WORDS? giving the thug the second he needs to regain his assault.

    my advice, as an instructor of this system, toughen up, but also be excellent to each other.

    with all the division in the country, and the world, the last thing we need is internal division in this community. we’re seeking to provide the tools to deal with real world violence. we aren’t to worried about your feelings, and we’re not going to strive to make every person happy. that just results in no one being happy, satisfied, or fulfilled.

    this is a community, and we are striving to give all of you the tools. look for the value.

  13. So, I had heard good things about Krav Maga in being the best self defence system in the world, but is this just not the case and it’s really just good marketing on their behalf, is your system more real world?

    1. Hi Andrew,

      Krav maga is an excellent self defense system. I have been studying it (a different form than George’s) for a couple of years now. However, that’s the point, it takes years and thousands of dollars to become a black belt in krav maga. The system of self defense that we teach, incorporates many aspects of krav maga as well other practical techniques that can be learned in a fraction of the time and a fraction of the money. Personally, I love the martial arts which is why I’ve devoted so much time and money to it, but not everyone has this desire nor the financial resources.

  14. So, here’s a video that addresses some of the weaker attributes of a self defense system and is an important bit of information for all of us. But political correctness has been so ingrained in us that we allow some milk toast to hijack conversation away from the real reason we are here. Three cheers to Damians response. Now, perhaps we should again watch the video and discuss that.

  15. Words can be weapons too. All the problems today existed before Trump so he being Prez is not the cause. Muggings, assaults, being bullied will always happen as long as the bad guy thinks he can do it. Bad guy might not care if he gets caught. Cops are a half hour away no matter what. It is up to each of us to use words, weapons, to get out of the situation ALIVE! Of course, you can always hand over your money, keys to your house or car, let them rape you. The bad guy might let you live to identify them. The bad guy could come back for more. You do what you think is best lol.

    Damian has some good ideas here

  16. While the SDC has a decent system, there are others that are just as effective.
    I judge a systems effectiveness if the drills and techniques could keep me from being harmed if I was in prison and attacked by the most violent.
    My question is could the systems top dog Mr. Ross handle the worst in that scenario and survive with minimal bodily injury?
    I ask this seriously and respectfully because a system is only as good and effective as the individual who created or developed it.
    Another worthwhile system is American Combato created by the legendary Bradley Steiner.
    Wayyy long before Mr. Steiner was advocating reality methods and sensible weight training for practical street defense.

    1. Johnny,

      Thanks for posting.

      First there are not a lot of good systems out there…there’s a lot of crap that will never work under stress or it’s based that you already have a deep combat sport background.

      The only thing I’m going to “claim” about the SDTS is creating the progressive learning platform and the multi-media delivery. The problem with ALL of my previous instructors was lack of continuity, lesson planning and curriculum building. As a D1 athlete and coach – the methods used to instruct were BEYOND archaic.

      Second…and this comment confuses me — “Mr. Ross handle the worst in that scenario and survive with minimal bodily injury”

      Let me say the goal of literally EVERY self defense system on the planet is to enable you to survive with the least amount of bodily injury. In fact I’d be hard pressed to find anyone who’s going to tell you “John, do this…you might get killed, but at least you’re fighting back…” Everyone believe their method.

      Also… you comment seems to indicate that if my system is SOO GOOD I should be able to survive ANY ASSAULT without minimal injury…(now this is actually kind of funny and why martial arts get ridiculous).

      But I CAN and I’ll explain that in a minute…

      The martial arts CULT mindset has you believe that the instructor is the BEST in the room. This is total nonsense. That’s like saying Bill Belichick is a better football player than any of the Patriots.

      A system is one that gets the MOST POTENTIAL out of you RIGHT NOW. It’s not about what I can do…BUT WHAT YOU CAN DO in your current mental and physical state. The SDTS gives you the tools to adjust to this.

      Oh and YES _ can survive any attack without injury…I will run you over with my truck…or shoot you in the head…I will do whatever gives me the greatest tactical advantage at the time.

      Based on your comments I can see you haven’t spent much time in the SDTS. If you did you would understand this.

      Why stop at Steiner? Lets’ go to Fairbairn, Applegate, O’Neill, Biddle, Sykes and Cestari…we were not the first to come up with reality based self defense.

      Here are some pics of Bradley and Carl – In fact it was STEINER who learned this from CARL…not the other way around. Him and the blind guy John Carey spent some time with Carl and then came out with American Combato…

      But even that doesn’t matter!!!

      So they did their own thing – it happens with literally martial art, sport coaching, physical training and education program on the planet.

      Just because it came first…doesn’t mean it’s right.

      Oh, and here are some pics of Carl and Brad…

      1. Damian,
        You’ve got some of your information wrong.
        Those pictures of Carl with Steiner were taken in 1989 when Carl went to Seattle to train with Steiner. It is Brad who instructed Carl. This is also supported by Carl’s early videos where he speaks about Brad, Carl also called his system Combato-Defendu. If you can get your hands on a copy of one of Steiner’s books called Subway Survival you’ll see many of the basic techniques of the chinjab, hand axe, and sidekick shown. The book was written in 1980. I don’t expect you to know this history as it happened long before you began your training, but I wanted to correct your misinformation.

  17. Johnny,Bradley Steiner was a student of NYC Charlie Nelson in the late 70s.Many of Damien techniques are from Charles Nelson system.Jerry

  18. Pablo, finite motor skills would be things like tying your shoes or doing up a button. A lot of more complex techniques found in many martial arts require these motor skills. These can only be engaged when you are in, what’s called, the parasympathetic nervous system (relaxed). When you find yourself in a stressful situation, you engage the sympathetic nervous system(fight of flight response) and adrenaline is being dumped into the bloodstream. At this point only large movements or gross motor skills can be utilized. The is why an effective self defense system includes simple techniques that can be applied in many different circumstances, much like the SDC system.

    1. Also, I think you are confusing the PSNS with the Autonomic Nervous System. The PSNS is responsible for non-stress related involuntary activities such as sexual arousal, salivation, lacrimation (tears), urination, digestion and defecation. The Autonomic Nervous System is responsible for volitional activities.

      Also, the references to “convulsive” motions, I don’t know what term he was reaching for there.

  19. No, Mike Cottrill mentioned the PSNS. But you did mention “finite” motor skills, which I thought was a mistake for “fine” motor skills and also “convulsive” movements — which I don’t understand that.

    1. Yes it is FINE motor skills and the term instinctive and convulsive is a fancy way of saying…you can’t think about it.

  20. Hey George, thank you for the well spoken and aptly experienced “martial artist” and for me, especially that you have been an instructor for Krav Maga. I’ve been wanting to train to become an instructor in KM, or so I thought, until I just stumbled into SDC and did more research, and you guys may have brought me over. Better yet, I live in Southern California and would love to be on the ground level in such a large and diverse market. Would you please reach out to me to discuss in greater detail. Looking forward to it.


      Hi Danny,

      The above link will take you to the instructor application page. We have many openings right now and we also have on line training to help you with any questions you may have. In this on line training you have the opportunity to select your instructor and George is a very good choice, but we do have some excellent instructors to choose from.

      If I can be of addditional assistance please feel free to let me know.

      Train honestly

      Self Defense Company Black, Alabama

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