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Self Defense Classes in New Hampshire

Self Defense Classes in New Hampshire

The Self Defense Company is proud to announce a NEW Instructor in Dover, New Hampshire, Mr. Tim Sprowl.


Self Defense Company Instructor Tim Sprowl

Martial Arts Journey

Instructor Sprowl began his martial arts training at the very early age of 13 years old taking Judo classes in Hawaii. This sparked his interest in the martial arts. It continued to be an interest as he read and watched movies in the arts. But it wasn’t until much later in life, concerned about personal protection for himself and his family because of what is happening in our declining culture, that he decided to find something he could do to be equipped with the skills he would need for self protection.

Firearms and The Self Defense Training System – perfect together.

It all started with a desire to conceal carry and wanting to be a responsible conceal carry person. He began taking courses. He completed the NRA basic pistol course and the NRA personal protection in and out of the home, being part of a training group that practices in active shooting scenarios. He completed the New Hampshire Police qualification on handgun safety, shooting scenarios and hand to hand combat. More recently he has become an NRA certified range safety officer.

During the last six months Tim was taking private lessons three times a week in Shintai Jiu-Jitsu self defense, until circumstances prevented his instructor from further teaching. Not wanting to end his training, he began looking in other areas to learn self defense. After much research on many other programs Tim has been blessed to find the Self Defense Company with Damian Ross. This method is an easy to learn system that anyone can learn, no matter their age or gender. It won’t take years to learn. This is a system for real life self defense situations that can happen in the world in which we live today. Tim is grateful to have been accepted and proud to be an instructor in the Self Defense Company system. He is greatly looking forward to continuing his own learning and helping you with yours.

Instructor Sprowl is a fine example of how the Self Defense Company takes a realistic and practical approach to self defense. He incorporates firearms, empty hand and all manner of weapons and tactics in between. He’s the embodiment of our “if it works – keep it, if it doesn’t toss it.” attitude.

To contact Mr. Sprowl about training and seminars visit:

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Published by Damian (Instructor)

Founder, The Self Defense Company

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