The Deadly Mistakes Self Defense Experts Make Part One

The Deadly Mistakes Self Defense Experts Make Part One

Most of what you learned in self defense and martial arts simply does not work and what you have been lead to believe as GOSPEL is a lie. 

In this series “The Deadly Mistakes Self Defense Experts Make” we reveal the truth behind these misconceptions and lies perpetrated by black belt masters and tactical experts the world over. And to be honest, many do this with the BEST INTENTIONS because they truly believe that what they teach will work (others are just full of shit).  

The problem with martial arts and self defense is that it’s an UNREGULATED industry. 

That means ANYONE, without any training at all, can claim whatever they want, teach whatever they THINK will work, charge money and NOT be criminally liable.

If you were a doctor practicing medicine, or a lawyer practicing law without a license YOU WILL GO TO JAIL because your mistakes will cost lives. 

However if you’re a self defense instructor and your student gets killed because you FAILED to prepare them – you will NEVER be held responsible. <<< and that’s a problem. 

We need to start putting STANDARDS on what we teach and it starts NOW. Because if we don’t the martial arts and self defense world will continue to be filled with crack pots and bull-shitters. 

Now on to the webinar…

In Part One of The Deadly Mistakes Self Defense Experts Make we’re going to destroy: 

  • Weapon Disarms
  • Blocking for self defense
  • Sparring for self defense

Enjoy part 1…



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  1. Great discussion. I always seem to learn something everytime I listen or watch a training video.
    Tom Quattlebaum

  2. Damian:

    Thank you very much for producing and making this tape to inform the general public the true nature of what it means to protect oneself compared to the traditional martial art training. A lot of toes are being stepped and what you have done is causing some ill will amongst the traditional martial art instructors.
    I for one agree with you on the weapon disarms being taught the same thing. It did not take me long to figure out this does not work and as you have stated, the focus was on the weapon, not on the person holding it. The weapon only functions based on the intention of the person holding it!
    The discussion on blocking, the same! Somehow during the melee, you are going to get hit! Most importantly, I like what you said that the body is designed to confront one opponent at a time! Katas are great but imaginary!
    Keep up the good work and stay vertical my friend!

    1. Thanks Russ – like I said, at one point in my life I BELIEVED all of this stuff and trained like my life depended on it.

      Once you inject common sense, physics and personal experience against these things they start to crumble.

      I too used to draw a correlation between Kata and Self Defense….I was DEAD WRONG.

  3. THANK YOU SO MUCH GUYS! FANTASTIC! I am a pretty intelligent guy and a critical thinker from my doctoral studies, with prior training in Hapikido, Aikido, Judo & Police Judo skills, Taekwondo, Tang So Do, and American Kenpo, and I have to say, the SDTS principles and tactics are the best, most practical, easiest to learn, and effective with highest survival potential that I have ever been taught! You guys get an A+ from me, and I look forward to more.

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