Frontline Defense: The First Responder Backpack - The Ultimate GO Bag – The Self Defense Company

Frontline Defense: The First Responder Backpack – The Ultimate GO Bag

Frontline Defense: The First Responder Backpack – The Ultimate GO Bag

First Responders are at the front lines of nearly every major conflict. Dangerous situations are on the rise and can happen at any given moment, and while being active in self-defense is paramount, passive defense is just as important. This is why Bodyguard Armored Backpacks has created and released a line of backpacks designed explicitly for passive defense. The First Responder is a 40-liter, bullet-resistant, slash-proof, waterproof, stab-resistant backpack.

It is the “Ultimate GO Bag,” designed to be stored in a vehicle, office, or classroom and put on at a moment’s notice. The First Responder appears like any other backpack but converts instantly into a bulletproof vest, providing instant front and back protection. It can hold two 10-inch by 12-inch hard ballistic plates or two 11-inch by 14- inch soft plates in the plate carriers. Users can easily activate the armor while wearing it via the patented deployment system.

A quick pull of the tabs and pulling them over the user’s head extends the front protection plate in the ideal placement. The Stay Put Armor system keeps any standard armor plate in place. When not in use, the front plate is stored behind the user, offering discreet and concealed use of the armor system. Besides ballistic protection, the overall construction of 1000 Denier nylon, triple stitched seams, and staked stress points offer superior construction in design alone.

The First Responder Backpack can carry equipment for daily use and provides space for the largest laptops on the market. It is TSA Compliant for ease of use while traveling into unsecured, unfamiliar areas. Equipped with a complete MOLLE carrier system, pouches and accessories are easily attached to meet the needs of each user. This also allows for the quick compatibility of medical kits and holsters when an emergency strikes. Consumers can purchase a standalone backpack to utilize their own plates or a kit that includes two soft plates or hard plates.

All plates sold meet or exceed NIJ standards for ballistic protection. Prices range from $369 for the backpack to $469-769 for ballistic protection plate kits. First Responder Features Patented, Fail-Safe Deployment (U.S. Patent 11181343) Armor meets and exceeds NIJ Standard 0101.06 for ballistic protection 100% TRUE Concealment Chamber Stay-Put Armor System Rapid Deploy Belt – Fits any Waist Slash-Proof, Waterproof, and Stab Resistant TSA Compliant M.O.L.L.E. Carrier System Velcro Rocker Triple Stitched Seams Staked Stress Points Will Fit the Largest Laptops MSRP: $369 – $769 First Responder Specs 40-liter Capacity 17” Height x 6” Depth x 13” Width Backpack Weight: 5lbs (without armor) Material – 1000 Denier Nylon About

The Self Defense Company The Self Defense Company provides practical and realistic personal protection solutions through live and online tactical training and concealed body armor systems for every day. Founded in 2007 by Damian Ross and his wife Angela, with the motto, “You don’t need a blackbelt,” The Self Defense Company provides essential self-defense life-saving tools through instructional training in The Self Defense Training System (SDTS) and concealed ballistic protection for citizens, teachers, students, and commuters with their Bodyguard Brand patented bulletproof backpacks and jackets. Damian Ross is a lifelong martial artist, defensive tactics instructor, coach, bodyguard, first responder, inventor, and the author of the official “Self Defense for Dummies.”

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