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Why You don’t Grapple in the Street

Why You don’t Grapple in the Street


Sorry to burst your Grappling, BJJ, MMA, bubble…but THIS is what you’re going to face in the street. 

I’m Damian Ross (author of the official “Self Defense for Dummies” and Founder of The Self Defense Company) and before you think I’m one of those “non-grappler” types… I’m a second degree black belt in Judo, I wrestled for D1 for Lehigh University, I was inducted into my high school hall of fame for wrestling. I have coached wrestling, judo and jujitsu…I’ve literally been on the mat since I was seven years old and there is one thing I will avoid at all costs in the street…


Because you NEVER, EVER know who you’re up against and what they’re willing to do. 

In fact – grappling is the LOWEST form of self defense…it’s inefficient. It requires more skill, strength and stamina, it leaves you vulnerable to weapon attacks, multiple attackers…heck the debris on the ground or the concrete itself can chew you up…ever roll over a small tree stump (trust me…you don’t want to). 

Lucky for me, many years ago I was introduced to an almost forgotten system of CLOSE COMBAT that completely opened my eyes and literally changed what I thought about martial arts and self defense – and I’ve been teaching it to everyone from cops, soldiers and civilians ever since. 

This system is based on over a century of modern warfare. It makes the assumption that your attacker is armed, larger, has intent and has friends. NEVER underestimate your assailant. It trains you to use the LEAST amount of physical contact with the MOST amount of tactical advantage (and it’s why your granddad and his buddies were so tough). 

Look, times have changed and the need to know how to really defend and protect is more important than ever – this is why I created the COMBATIVES FAST COURSE

The FAST COURSE leverages your natural instinct, develops your awareness and gives you a few simple tactics you can apply to ANY assault. 

This tactical program will literally give you something you can learn today and use tonight and for a limited time, I’m practically GIVING it away.

The harsh reality is that no matter how hard we fight it, we’re all getting older, slower and weaker – while the self defense threat REMAINS CONSTANT (and increases as we age or get out of shape). 

Look – if you think this is some twisty-wrist stuff, think again.  We cover everything from awareness and avoidance to close quarter weapons and more…

So hit the button and I’ll see you over there.

Train Honestly, 

Damian Ross

Founder The Self Defense Company

PS. And if you don’t think guys in the street guys arm themselves like I did in the video…YOU ARE DEAD WRONG….and you won’t realize they have a knife until your blood pressure drops.

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Published by Damian (Instructor)

Founder, The Self Defense Company

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