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Home Grown Terror

Home Grown Terror

Q: How do you fight someone who is willing to die?

A: You kill him.

The days of only worrying about mugging, car jacking, domestic violence and sexual assault are over. While they will always be a great concern, we’re in a war and it’s  starting to rain hell on every law abiding citizen the world over.

Las Vegas was only the NEXT LEVEL. 

But that’s just what you know of…

Literally every week someone stops a mass killing when it’s in the planning or rehearsal stage.

A few weeks ago, a janitor stopped a suspect from continuing a shooting rampage that killed one student and injured three others at a high school near Spokane, Wash. HERE << 

Then there’s the 22 year-old guy who stopped a mass shooting in Nashville, TN. HERE << 

Home grown terror is not just an “American Problem”. The citizens of Russia and of course Israel have a long history with this issue and now citizens of the United Kingdom, Germany, Italy and France are dealing with this on a daily basis.

Now this next thought is what keeps me up at night….

Oklahoma Federal Building
Oklahoma Federal Building

Right now there are people smarter, more devious and willing to do outrageous and violent acts hiding in wait, all they need is to be connected with the proper resources.

Las Vegas has raised the bar and bodycount once again. Imagine if there was another shooter in another hotel…the body count would have been more than triple what it was.

But that’s NOT the worst thing that could happen…far worse has been done before…

The Avivim school bus massacre was a terrorist attack on an Israeli school bus on May 22, 1970 in which 12 civilians

The remains of the Avivium School bus.
The remains of the Avivium School bus.

were killed, nine of them children, and 25 were wounded. The attack took place on the road to Moshav Avivim, near Israel’s border with Lebanon. Two bazooka shells were fired at the bus. The attack was one of the first carried out by the PFLP-GC (The Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine – General Command)

Today, you don’t need a bazooka to take out a bus. All you need is a few firearms and a way to disable the vehicle. Imagine what would happen if 1 or 2 school buses turned up with all of the children dead. Would you send your kids to school the next day? Or ever?

The Beslan Massacreis the attack that causes me the most stress. If you don’t know this story – learn it well, because its coming to your town. It began on 1 September 2004, lasted three days and involved the capture of over 1,100 people as hostages (including 777 children), ending with the death of 385 people. The crisis began when a group of armed Islamic separatist militants, mostly Ingush and Chechen, occupied School Number One (SNO) in the town of Beslan, North Ossetia (an autonomous republic in the North Caucasus region of the Russian Federation) on 1 September 2004. The hostage-takers were the Riyadus-Salikhin Battalion, sent by the Chechen warlord Shamil Basayev, who demanded recognition of the independence of Chechnya at the UN and Russian withdrawal from Chechnya. On the third day of the standoff, Russian security forces stormed the building with the use of tanks, incendiary rockets and other heavy weapons. At least 385 hostages were killed, including 186 children, with a significant number of people injured and reported missing.

The schoolyard in Beslan.

If you don’t know the first day of school in Russia is like a holiday. All of the families come to drop their children off at school on the same day. It’s referred to as “First Bell” or Knowledge Day. There plan was simple – when the families entered the courtyard to drop the kids off – kill of the the men using firearms and take the woman and children hostage. Next they used the older boys (since this was a k-12 school) as labor to build barricades and booby traps. When the boys were finished they lined them up in a second floor hallway for all to witness outside and executed them.

The terrorists took over the school with firearms and created booby traps and bombs using drums of gasoline, nothing more. It is reported that approximately 12 of the terrorists escaped. Intelligence sources feel that these men have been leveraged to train future terrorists in the tactics uses at Beslan.

Let’s think about this…if you were a terrorist, where do you go?

You go to the places that will give you the least amount of resistance that will provide the greatest amount of effect.

Those would be soft targets with plenty of defenseless people.

My guess is it will be a grammar school. There will be less chance of resistance from a larger kid and greater impact on the world. Instead of having to deal with teachers and students you would just have to deal with the teachers.

It will be in a place that is not equipped to handle such an attack where response time is long. The first 10 minutes of an assault are critical. What a few people can do to stop an attack in the first 10 minutes is far greater than what 100 people can’t do after the first 60 minutes when the enemy has dug in.

It will be at a school that is unguarded. No armed security on the campus.

It will be in a non-conceal carry state. Why would they risk armed resistance when there are plenty of states and countries with strict gun control? The attack will be in a non-conceal carry state.

Look, Newtown happened and my town STILL refuses to put an armed cop at the door – it’s crazy (the next town has one and it’s great). This is the world we live in, time to adapt or die.

So what can you do to protect your community?


The advantage of living in a small community or neighborhood is that strangers stand out. In order to execute an attack, terrorists must be able to plan, stage and gather resources. If something looks out of the ordinary, call the police. If you work at a gas station and someone is filling up 55 gallon drums – call the cops. If you see someone taking pictures of your school or mall, call the police.

You’re not going to bother them, in fact, some of the biggest arrests happen when a concerned citizen reports something suspicious.

It’s time we all upped our game and paid a little more attention to the world around us. It’s not prejudice, it’s not racist, it’s realist.

Train (and Live) Honestly,





Damian Ross
Founder, The Self Defense Company

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Published by Damian (Instructor)

Founder, The Self Defense Company

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  1. What do you do when illegal occupiers wage a campiagn of genocde on innocent people on their own land using space age technology to kill children? You resist! What about the chapill hill killings ?When some redneck neighbor who doesnt like muslims waks in their house and shoot three young bright and educated individuals who were pillars of their community execution style and the media …..particularly fox news says nothing about abd reduces it to a parking dispute when it was a hate crime! Mr.Ross I respect your work but i wish you read up on the chapill hill shootings if have not already and as far as israel dealing with what you think are terroists ,are a people fighting and injustice agsinst their people by an illegal superpower who has done ten thousand times more atrocities then you will never know …,no one is condoning violence or bloing up buses or an attack helicopter riping to shreds innocent Palestinian kids playing on a beach.

  2. petro smith Petro, this post was not about Israel, or Chapel Hill and muslim prejudices and injustice. The theme of the post was homegrown terror – it’s here, it’s happened in the past and it will happen again, soon. I even offer a way to help – but you have paid ZERO attention to that….

    You respond to trigger words FOX NEWS, MUSLIM and ISRAEL and take the opportunity to spew whatever rhetoric you have attached yourself to. I am sure there are literally 1,000 posts out there about Chapel Hill, FOX and of course probably 1,000,000 about the “illegal” Nation State of Israel (for and against) that you can comment on. 

    This has nothing to do with ANY OF THAT. People would take you seriously if you stuck to the topic at hand and didn’t use it as a segue into whatever rhetoric you’re subscribing to these days. 

    Let me ask you….I see you’re passionate about government and politics. 

    What do you do in your local government to ensure that there are no injustices being committed? 

    Do you go to council meetings? 

    Do you attend budget reviews? 

    Are you a member of your local government in any capacity? 

    Do you vote?

  3. Excellent info as usual :). Politics aside it is just common sense. If  we truly want to prevent and stop future terrorist attacks, not just the massive scale bombings like 911 or Oklahoma City, but any attack no matter how small or unsophisticated meant to make a statement and drive fear and terror into the hearts of Americans such as the huge number of  mass shootings or hostage situations we’ve seen the last few years then we as a nation must harden and fortify all targets public and private including our own cities, schools, and workplaces. Politicians have got to realize weapon regulations do nothing but make life easier for terrorists and all criminals alike, they do nothing but disarm law abiding civilians reducing their ability to defend themselves in the event of an attack. If we could eliminate this whole idea of weapon free zones and allow armed officers and those who have a carry permit to be armed in schools, movie theatres, parks, sporting events, public transportation, and other places terrorists assume as easy prey for attack they would think twice before carrying out such atrocities or at least be stopped dead in their tracks with minimal loss of innocent lives if they do. Back in the old west days we had much less open crime and violence because people had respect and fear for their fellow man when they saw everybody walking around with a six shooter on their hip and prepared should the need arise to use it. People, schools, and businesses have got to start taking responsibility for their own self defense and not simply hope and pray that nothing like this will ever happen here and if it does depend on the government and police to protect them. Police can and are only required by law to do so much and that is after the several minutes required for them to make it on scene in which time dozens of lives could have already been lost. What we do during those critical few minutes is the difference between life and death, not just for ourselves but for the many children, elderly, disabled, and just plain weak feeble minded sheep who are incapable of protecting or rescuing themselves.

  4. DamianRoss petro smith  Damian , I  am responding to the  examples you used, and you particularly used one from 1970 and it happens to be something   concerning  Israel , you took that route in your article ,  why did you not use anything else    , you also quote fox news for your sources, which has one sided news and full of liers as we see that comeing out as BilL  Oriely is now being caught  lying on many issues he has reported on .My point is this , home grown terroist as you call them come in all shapes and forms and most are done by by non muslims as the current FBi  report states that less than  25% and the rest caused by white gun toting wanabes (I am  not against conceal carry mind you) , like  slime ball who killed his  neighbors  because he did not like muslims who  were the very popular and loved citezens of their community.Why didnt you use that situation to share your expertise on as it was very recent….. maybe because it did not get coverage on main stream media like fox  , and with bias in the main stream media I think it is wise to be careful on what examples are used ,now I did read your article and yes I agree with your comments on what we should be concerned with , I am a fan Damien and am Not trying to get in a politcal point of veiw  with you but you say I responded to triiger words but those are the words  and sources you used  and you made a point of bringing up  Israel whos government committs crimes against humanity on a daily basis (not  their  people who many are against their gov)as if we need to follow their example.And to answer your questions of my involvement with local government , first off I hate  politics but unfor6tunatly its  part of our world, I am a memeber of the Chicago chapter of CAIR, which fights daily to stop the growing Islamaphobia  which had an indirect cause  an effect to chapill hill, also the recent killing in missouri which happened the other day by a road rage gun toting red neck who killed a well educated and hard working ,muslim  american family man , aand this will continue to rise, also yes I do attend local government meeting and am part of the local neighborhood watch,do I attend budget meetings …..no I dont, do I vote ? all the time, I also am involved in  local  youth groups and interfaith groups  to buld bridges of understanding …..without education you cannot stop hate or at least have a shot at it,I also have wrote to congressman maybe 75 times in 2014 for various concerns and have also have had my spats with both fox and msnbc as well as local news for  their unbalanced news  reporting which yes has contributions to killings such as chapill hill, so you see I am an involved american citizen and fairness for all is who I fight for …..ALL!!!Never the less  I  believe you mean well Damien and like I said I am a fan  and we can agree to disagree on some things but I do agree with your approaches to self preservation .Thank you for all you do and your great information.

  5. petro smith DamianRoss Petro, the reason I used those examples was because they were germane to the theme – terror has and will strike soft targets and that because terror is home grown it will most likely be a soft target. 
    The Avivim Bus Massacre happened. The children and the bus were specifically targeted. 
    The Beslan Massacre happened – women were raped buy their captors and sodomized with rifles. Women and children were left to sit in their own filth and drink their own urine for 3 days. 
    The Oklahoma Federal Building was committed by Americans. 

    Petro, you are being distracted by issues beyond your control. What we can control is the world around us – paying attention, getting involved, going out of our comfort zone (posting on the web doesn’t cut it). 

    You are stuck in this rhetoric that muslims are being victimized and Fox news lies….personally, the facts are this: The incidents I sited happened and those men in New York were arrested. 

    It’s time to focus on making our own communities safer – we are at war.

  6. DamianRoss petro smith Mr.Ross , If you used those examples for that reason I will   give you the benefit of the doubt ,and I agree soft targets will be  struck such as Craig Hicks did at Chapell HILL …..AND YES THAT WAS DOMESTIC TERROISM , spewed by hate and prejudism, todays  domestic terrosit will look most likey like Craig HICKS  a WHITE FOX NEWS  watching  gun toting american bigot who belives if its not white  and or christian rite then its not right and must die .Fortunatley he was arrested and we will see what sentence he gets .Now you say I am distracted and we must get  involved , I think I mentioned the thing that I am involved with in my previous reply, as far as stuck in  rhetoric as you call it and you are entitiled to your opinion , but I dissagree as it is fact not rhetoricas I can back that up very precisley but it will take a book and is beyond the relm of this   conversation , Islamophobia is at a very high pitch mostly due to false rhetoric such as Fox news ,  who really dont tell the news but rather try to form your opinions …….which is not news and is why they present one sided information .Now  you say we are at war , with whom ???If you mean criminals at large and its time to make our communities safe as you say  ….well I agree with you and it is time to get involved which is what I try to do were Im from  anyways as I do very little posting , you probably post way more than I do .Now I invite you to maybe look at the chapill hill case and other hate crimes and maybe you  can offer some insite on this growing epidemic if you havent already and if you have I will reasearch it, as far as getting out of my  comfort  zone , I do this on a daily basis never the less I think your work on self preservation is much needed and informative .Good luck!

  7. When I saw the question, “How do you fight someone who is willing to die?” in the subject line, I immediately thought, I’m going to give that SOB his wish and kill his sorry ass. After reading, I see that I got the answer right. In addition to all the fighting skills you teach, where possible, we should always be armed. I don’t care how well you fight, you fight better with a weapon than without one. I live in the South, so guns are accepted here, but not in other parts of the country. For me a place that will not allow me to carry a gun it is a deal breaker, and I would not live there. Love your blogs, because you’re one of the few people to know the truth and have the cojones to say it.

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