How Nice People Can Learn to Use Violence to Defend Themselves.

How Nice People Can Learn to Use Violence to Defend Themselves.

How "Nice" people can learn to use violence to defend themselves? 🛡

From the CORE COMBAT webinar - the question is "How can I teach my wife and children to use violence when they're non-violent people."

NEWSFLASH - We're actually non-violent people and the thought of actually causing injury to another human being turns our stomach (and that's a good thing) because it means we're not violent psychopaths.

So when training you need to focus on the WHY you're doing it and not the WHAT you're doing.

For example...

Let's say you're training an eye gouge 👁 . The thought of actually gouging someone's eye is gross.However, if you needed to gouge someone's eye to prevent my child from being raped or murdered...well...you're going to do what is needed to STOP the attack.

Think about the WHY not the WHAT.

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  1. So how can we bridge the gap between martial arts training which brings in not only the fun of training but the loyalty to the system and instructors, etc. and real self defense- with non-specific defenses? My answer for this would be to switch your mindset every time but the problem is that both trainings are programming your mind which I know for a fact will make you freeze up with confusion in a self defense situation. Do we leave the martial arts alone completely? Anyone else have an answer?

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