In this episode of the Kill or Be Killed Podcast…

What’s with the Finger Dart?

How to Fight a REALLY BIG DUDE…

…and a compliment?!?!



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  1. MarioUSMC 7 months ago
    Member Since: 01/05/18


    Success through simplicity & brutality.

  2. Skip 6 months ago
    Member Since: 03/04/17

    One thing that comes to mind is the chapter that teaches about using the folding chair!

  3. Dr Carl SDC-Greater Boston 6 months ago
    Member Since: 10/16/18

    Awesome Podcast both Damian and George. It is so important for people to understand that you do have a choice when it comes to a confrontation, and if you choose to engage then you really need to be ready, willing, and able to flick that switch and go balls to the wall.

  4. Matt 6 months ago
    Member Since: 10/17/18

    Good information and perspectives. Enjoyed listening to you guys talk about the issues and mindset.

  5. 6 months ago
    Member Since: 10/10/18

    A note regarding the finger dart, and its purpose. If the guy happens to impale himself on your fingers, and gouge his own eyes out, woot, however, and I am going to speak from my experience, I work private security, and in most of my situations where physical was required, any tool that was brought to bear was usually deployed post engagement. Working at a hotel, the standard approach is to confront guests requesting corrective behavior in most cases. Wearing the uniform, some people just have an issue with authority, no matter what you have to say, and make a jump before we even have the chance to have a conversation. Full disclosure, the incidents I speak of most commonly occur with registered guests inside the building. When on external patrols, I almost always have something in my hand pre-engagement. So finger darts, whip kicks, and “far” range techniques that buy you that extra split second to either escape or unload is invaluable.

  6. John M 6 months ago
    Member Since: 12/04/18

    Having the right mentality and just being prepared. That’s an awesome talk guys thanks!

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