Self Defense Company Spotlight: Kurt Mattison

Self Defense Company Spotlight: Kurt Mattison

Not your average 60 something…

I’d like you to meet one of our SDTS Elite Members Kurt. Kurt’s a 63 yer old grandpa who’s not letting up any time soon. Every week I get messages from people telling me they’re too old, injured or otherwise to do this and then I think of people like Kurt – who inspire people like me to keep pushing…

Kurt Mattison

  • Married to HS (Cedar Falls, IA ’72) sweetheart Denise – Two daughters and 4 grandkids
  • Currently Director of Sport Performance (founder and former owner) at Momentum Sport Fitness, Eau Claire, WI.
  • Played HS FB and wrestling, and collegiate wrestling
  • Member of 1975 Hall-of-Fame University of Northern Iowa NCAA Wrestling Team Champions.
  • HS head wrestling coach and psychology teacher (17 years).
  • M.S. Sport Science, U.S. Sports Academy 1987
  • B.A. University of Northern Iowa, Sociology/Coaching 1976
  • CSCS with the NSCA for 29 years
  • Certified CrossFit Coach
  • Certified USA Weightlifting Sport Performance Coach
  • Licensed Senior Chaplain, current volunteer with the Eau Claire FD and ECPD
  • Certified Youth Minister, Wartburg Seminary, Dubuque
  • Concealed carry advocate
  • Provided County SWAT team with fitness and team building training, and lead fitness and obstacle course training for MW Tactical Teams at Ft. McCoy.
Proud Grandpa – Kurt with his latest generation.

I’ve enjoyed being around physically demanding sports and training all my life. I’ve never been one of the best athletes on my teams, never all-conference or all-state, but was always the grinder who loved to train and practice – the harder the better. I was blessed to have HOF coaches and teammates who were state and national champions.

I’ve been involved in wrestling for over 50 years, and have been training and coaching athletes for over 40 years. I’ve studied and practiced martial arts and self-defense for many years, but have never been motivated by belts and trophies, etc. I’ve always preferred learning practical, real techniques as opposed to fancy, unnatural movements that will not happen in a real life. One of my favorite instructors once told me “keep your friends close and your enemies closer” which fits well with my tendencies and wrestling background, and my age.

I’m more comfortable once I get my hands on someone. I think maybe because of my age and diminished speed and mobility I’ve developed a BE FIRST – BE FURIOUS attitude for self-defense. That’s why I appreciate the SDTS approach – no BS and lots of sensible aggression.

Look – I know what some of you are thinking…OK, this guy’s not you’re average 63 year old and I will

Winning Deadlift – Kurt muscles up at the CrossFit Festivus Games this past October (the oldest of over 130 competitors)

100% agree with you. But Kurt’s an example of what can be done….but you don’t need to reach the levels that Kurt does…however you can do better than you’re doing now – all it takes is a first step and consistency.

I’ll tell you this right now…I know Kurt has had injuries and set backs and many things that derailed his training. But I know one thing he’s always done…COME BACK AND START OVER.

It’s an honor to have Kurt as an SDTS Elite Member and I share his story to inspire you.



From time to time I share SDTS Member stories and I want to hear yours….

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Remember it must be factual – if you’re in the military, law enforcement, please provide proof of service.

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Now you don’t need to be a black belt, soldier or elite athlete – but if you claim those things, we need to verify them.

Look, don’t think you need to compete with everyone on the spot light – your decision to do take active steps to protecting yourself and your loved ones to the best of your ability is ALL YOU NEED. \

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Train Honestly,


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