Video: How to Cut Your Time Training Self Defense to a Fraction

Video: How to Cut Your Time Training Self Defense to a Fraction

How to Cut Your Time Training Self Defense to a Fraction.

Why memorize multiple specific defenses for different individual attacks when one will do? 

This type of training always appears to work in the dojo, but when it’s for real and you’re actually attacked you will not have the time or the presence of mind to figure out which attack it is and which specific counter defense to use. Your mind under fight or flight doesn’t work that way. 

In this video Pete shows you how 1 set of SDTS Core Combat Skills can be used against multiple attacks. 

This is just one way we cut down your time in training down to a fraction of what is normally associated with self defense training.  


This single SDTS Core Combat Combination can be used against: 

  1. Collar or shirt grab
  2. Front choke
  3. Grab with knife to your throat
  4. Grab with gun to your head
  5. A push
  6. Long gun to your head
  7. Hand gun to your head 
  8. Chest bump and any close quarter attack to your front. 

In the past you would need to learn 8 or more different counters to each of the above. That would mean practicing each of them hundreds of times each. At 15 seconds to accomplish each repetition and reset you’re looking at 15 to 20 hours of solid training to memorize each defense. With the SDTS it only takes less than 1 hour to achieve the same proficiency. 

Train Honestly (and smarter)


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  1. This Video about the Single STDS Core Combat Is Very Informative which does help to train the STDS in less time, it’s Great Information Thanks For Sharing this Awesome information.
    Alex Storm ( @alex5 )

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