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SDTS Knife Training

SDTS Knife Training

This Knife Training Drill is from SDTS Module 9 of the Elite Membership


You can dance with your knife in the air all you want, but unless you practice actually sticking it into something you will never know how well you will perform. 

Using a knife isn't a game of tag - you need to grip it and rip it and REPEAT. Nothing fancy - put the pointy end in the bad guy and make sure you can pull it out and do it again.

One stab isn't enough. Depending on where you stick your attacker (we go over the target areas in Module 9.)

People have used meat and jugs of water for this - that's OK, but it's expensive and messy. We suggest a stack of cardboard and duct tape will do just fine. This way you can reuse it and not worry about the clean up.  

Remember, just because you stabbed him, it doesn't mean the fight is over. You will still have to FIGHT.

One stab is all it take to fix your grip and a few stabs will tell you if your knife is any good.

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Published by Damian (Instructor)

Founder, The Self Defense Company

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  1. Thank you, Damian, for this instruction on the use of a Knife for self defense purposes.

  2. Looking at this again. Do you want to pull the knife strait out? I have heard I should jack it up and down before pull it out.

    1. Hi Scott,

      The reason people suggest that is because the weapon can get stuck in bone, slippery with body fluid and the elasticity of the skin combine with the structure of the anatomy may “suck” the weapon into place.

      This is also one reason I love T handle and Finger loop constructed blades. Especially if you have a weak grip or small hands.

      The real question is, how critical is it and should practice it?

      Well, if you’re using the cardboard set up in Module 9, you will need to grip and pull the blade out. Also consider this – how likely are you to be able to “pull the blade directly out” while you’re plunging it into your attacker. The reality is HE WILL BE MOVING, so “wiggling the blade” will happen over the course of the fight.

      At the end of the day, it’s MUCH MORE IMPORTANT to concentrate on your grip strength and what type of blade configuration you carry.

      Full Tang
      Needs a Hilt or T-Handle or Finger Loop
      Approx 6 inches in length
      Practice stabbing something.
      Protect the weapon…anyway its all in Module 9.

      I hope that helps..

  3. Self-defense is a “no bullshit” serious and potentially life threatening matter. So it requires dedicated attention, serious thought, AND the proper training, AND willingness to do what it takes to survive. When given no option, we must be mentally, physically, and spiritually prepared to unleash our full skill-driven, defensive brutality as neccessary, in order to neutralize or escape a determined aggressor. And make no mistake, there are many determined aggressors, some who are very skilled, sadistic, and highly dangerous predators who will brutally take whatever they want, if we cannot or will not stop them. I learned from my own past victimhood, and I say, “Never again”! What do you say?
    Thank God, the SDC understands the reality of brutal violence and gives us the serious training and skills to contend with it. All respect to the SDC and its many instructors and students.

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