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Self Defense Classes in Tennessee

Self Defense Classes in Tennessee

Black Belt – Bounty Hunter joins the Self Defense Company

Self Defense Company proudly announces that it will be holding self defense classes in Tennessee under the direction of Instructor Daniel Cothron.

Simply put “I joined the Self Defense Company Instructor Program because I want to teach the best self defense system out there.”

Instructor Cothron started martial arts as a youth and at 16 years old became a black belt in Wado Ryu karate. However his passion was not for colorful belts. Instead it was to be effective in sport competition and in the street. This lead him to study Aikido, Boxing, and jujitsu as well.

 But he didn’t stop there…

Dan did the whole MMA, cage fighting thing and was not happy with the rules and politics of the business. So he moved on and joined the local pro wrestling company…and  there too he found too many rules and politics which turned him off of the sport completely. 

When he turned 21, Instructor Cothron got his bail bond license and was hired as a bounty hunter. There he got REAL LIFE experience on what REALLY worked and what didn’t work in the street. 

This forced him to continue searching for what really worked in real life, self defense situations and that’s when he found The Self Defense Company. 

Instructor Cothron continues to rely on SDC training since he currently works as a security officer protecting the staff, patients, and property of his home town hospital.

It’s fortunate for us that Instructor Cothron believes in the Self Defense Training System so much that he decided to become an instructor and start holding self defense classes in the middle Tennessee area. 


To learn more about self defense classes in Tennessee and to contact Instructor Cothron visit:


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Published by Damian (Instructor)

Founder, The Self Defense Company

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