Self Defense Company expanding in Lebanon

Self Defense Company expanding in Lebanon

Instructor Karam awards another student his certification
Instructor Karam awards a student an SDTS certificate of promotion.

The Self Defense Company is expanding rapidly in Lebanon under the direction of Instructor Mario Karam.

Instructor Karam has successfully implemented the SDTS into a top tier American University (Lebanese American University) and he is continuing to grow his business.

“Becoming an instructor was the best decision of my life,” said Mario when discussing why he chose the SDC. “There is no better feeling than doing what you love and saving lives!”.

Instructor Karam has not just been developing his own skills but has also begun to develop instructors under him, beginning with newly minted SDC Instructor Elie Bitar.

Instructor Bitar has quite a reputation in his own right is a well established martial arts practitioner in Lebanon and is a huge asset to the Self Defense Company.

“I encourage all to take a serious look at this business,” says Mario. 


To learn more about Instructor Karam go HERE <<<

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To start training in the Self Defense Training System (SDTS) go HERE <<





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  1. @damian Awesome! I envisioned all this aswell before I made that “click”, but I truly didn’t expect to expand that fast. Thanks to you & my mentor Instructor Hutchings, the SDC is skyrocketing in Lebanon & about to shine in the Middle East.

    Always Forward…


  2. Thank u a lot it’s an honor to be in your team always forwards @damianross I send the pics and the bio to mario

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