The Grateful List

When times get a little tough, remind yourself of what matters in your life – why are you doing this…WHAT ARE YOU FIGHTING FOR – who do you want to defend and protect?

This is my “Grateful” list…

I’m grateful for my family and friends.

Without their love and support, nothing would be worth doing.


I’m grateful for my country.

That gave my immigrant ancestors the ability to join something larger than themselves and to allow me to live the life I have.


I’m grateful for my community.

That has provided me a safe place to raise my family, allowed me to protect their homes and coach their children.


I’m grateful for all the men and women who serve and protect.

Anyone who runs towards danger when others escape – who protects the very way of life we enjoy.


I’m grateful for the Self Defense Company Instructors.

Ambassadors of the SDTS and the truth about self defense – who perpetuate the legacy that others have given us and who help friends, family and their communities stay safe.


I’m grateful for the Self Defense Company Training Members.

Without you, there is no ME. Thank you for taking that step by joining us. I’m for ever grateful.




I’m grateful for the haters. 

Yes, thanks to all who challenge me, question my position and my credibility. You force me to fight, keep me in the game and help me to become a better person.


Thank you for visiting.


PS. Please feel free to post your good wishes and something your grateful for below.

  1. Je 10 months ago
    Member Since: 11/16/17

    I am grateful that I was born in the USA; the greatest country in the world! Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. Peter Schultz 10 months ago
    Member Since: 12/29/15

    I’m thankful for American freedom and the roots from which it came.

  3. Gina Angell 10 months ago

    I am grateful to God and the Archangels, who are always nearby. We are never alone, they are there to help out when you question your ability to rise to the occasion or confrontation. If you think you cannot handle something alone that you are facing, remember you are not alone. It started when Goliath was messing with David and the little boy conquered a big, evil brute, remember that and be thankful.

  4. Ronny Romano 10 months ago
    Member Since: 05/28/16

    I am Thankful For your Company that has a System to teach me not to take abuse from Family members. Happy Thanksiving

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