What is the BIGGEST Killer of them all?

What is the BIGGEST Killer of them all?

Complacency:  A feeling of contentment or self-satisfaction, especially when coupled with an unawareness of danger, trouble, or controversy. An instance of contented self-satisfaction.

Complacency tells you you’re too busy, too old, too injured or don’t need to know how to protect yourself  because you fall into your daily routine and if your daily routine doesn’t involved you being attacked – well you don’t think you need it.

Don’t worry, you’re in good company – it happens to soldiers, cops and firefighters all of the time. Hey, no one thinks they need insurance until tragedy strikes and no one thinks of self defense until they’re a victim of violence. 

I see this ALL OF THE TIME.

There’s an old proverb: “Don’t wait until you’re thirsty to dig the well.”

At this point in your life you may never have had to protect yourself or your loved ones and I want to help you keep your perfect record because everyday you get older, every injury and illness you sustain increases your chances of becoming a target of violence.

Now I’m not here to tell you how lazy you are or to scare the crap out of you – I know you’re busy, I’m here to change your perception of self defense and give you a viable solution. 

I know – you don’t have the time to start something else. I would agree with you if self defense training was like martial arts – but it’s not, self defense is an education.

It involves study and learning as well as physical training. The majority of what you do in Self Defense Training System is classroom based – you literally watch the instructional videos and ask questions. Later when you have a few minutes to practice you do it.

You’re not training for a prize fight or earning a black belt – you’re learning a life skill. And unlike fitness training, anything you learn right now you can benefit from immediately!

If you thought you were being stalked and you knew to change direction and go into a public place…do you have to be in shape to do that? Do you need to practice it 1,000 times to “get it right”? No of course not – but you learned something and you can use it right now. 

And since this is self defense, you can practice where you live and work.

No, I don’t mean choking out Marge in book keeping, or hip tossing grandma – I mean there are a lot of drills you can do anywhere.

Take the “SIZE UP” drill for example…

In Module 1 of the Self Defense Training System I show you how to take the position of advantage over your attacker.

Since most assaults happen from the conversation range that’s where you begin – you’re alone, the threat is in front of you and you have no idea what this guy wants. For some reason you can’t just walk away – which I might point out solves a lot of problems – again, that’s something you learn and don’t need to practice.

So this guy is in front of you and you don’t know if he’s going to be a problem or not. In Module 1 we show you how to establish distance (far enough away so that he needs to shift his weight in order to hit you) and how to line up on his center line.

This position of advantage will enable you to attack him before he has a chance to attack you. It will allow you to knock him off balance and stop the attack right before it starts.

OK, so the next day at work or with family and friends – do the SIZE UP DRILL – take a position of advantage on anyone who approaches you.

Look – YOU’RE TRAINING! And you didn’t even go to the gym.

The Self Defense Training System has a host of drills like this that keep you sharp, keep you actively thinking and above all it brings self defense to the places you will most likely have to defend yourself, where you live, work and play.

Don’t look at self defense as something you’re going to start – like pilates or yoga,  it’s just something you do, like get your car serviced or balance your check book. 

This is a LIFE SKILL not a LIFE STYLE.

Your need for self defense is not just constant…it’s growing.

With every injury and illness and with every day you get more out of shape and older you’re becoming a more attractive target to people who mean you harm.

Forget about what you think about self defense training.

The Self Defense Training System is an EDUCATION, not another physical fitness gimmick. It allows you to learn at your own pace – on your own time. 


This is a skill you can share with your family and friends.


Watch, listen, learn and when you have some time…practice.

Five minutes of getting the right information is a lot better of a lifetime of the wrong information (or none at all). 

This is not fighting, we don’t “FIGHT” anything – we resist and survive.

If you thought I was trying to get you to do a martial art…I apologize,  this is an education.

The Self Defense Training System was built for you if you’re busy and older – for the people who just don’t have the time or the desire to go learn some fighting system.

This is just what it says it is…self defense.

A little preparation now, goes a long way later.

Train Honestly,





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  1. I really want to buy your elite membership but I am in the middle of a divorce right now on top of being a single dad with a teen age daughter. On top of which I am a disabled vet so am living on a fixed income. Hopefully in a few months things will be better and I’ll sign up then.

  2. rickjeepnut Good luck with all of the Rick – thank you for your service an we’ll be here when you’re ready.

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