Where to buy a training dummy

Where to buy a training dummy

At the end of the day, the BOB is your best bang for your buck and with some easy and cheap modifications it’s going to work well for you. Your best bet is to fill the base with sand.

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  3. George Hutchings


  1. Hi Damian Ive been tying to source a “Bob” to be used for my solo combative’s training here in Italy for a while now but they do seem available and its expensive to purchase else where with regards to the shipping costs etc, however I did take your advice and made a $30 dollar training dummy that you suggested on “Youtube”, I have 2 strike pads, one high “Head” and a centre pad for “body” shots etc, and its Far cheaper than a Bob, thanks once again Damian for all your advice.
    Best regards,
    Steve (Italy).

  2. Hey Steve. If you can add a pad representing the groin area for low line strikes you’ll be laughing ?. A kick shield attached would work great.

  3. Hi Damian and George,
    I like the idea of the plastic pipe and gaffer tape and another pad to practice groin strikes thats very good advice thank you,
    Best regards to you both,
    Steve (Italy)

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