Should I Purchase a Gun for Self Defense?

Should I Purchase a Gun for Self Defense?

Hello Mr. Ross,
My name is Steve and I am a 60 year old resident of Northern California.
A Residential General Contractor, Carpenter by trade, and although I am fairly
Liberal in my politics, I do believe in the right of every American citizen to
own and protect themselves and family with a firearm.
To continue.
As I get older I see more and more negative actions in our Country, school and church shootings,
carjackings, robberies etc. etc. etc. and it is very concerning to me.
I have never owned or operated a weapon, other than shooting a friend rifle in the past,
and I have never been interested in Hunting, however, I have always been interested in handguns.
Recently, over the last few years, I have been actively researching handguns, compact
and sub-compact firearms, as well as watching many, many, videos on the various websites
regarding the pro’s and con’s of the various guns as well as proper handling, use and maintenance of each.
Unfortunately, living in California, I understand that ” concealed carry ” is rarely if ever possible
for the average guy or gal. (other than Law Enforcement etc.), so that is not  a ” must have ” in my opinion.
That said, I am reasonably confident that I will continue my research and move forward with
vetting and the purchase of a firearm ( handgun ) this year.
In closing.
Any information, advise, as well as your comments and thoughts regarding my e-mail today
and future purchase would certainly be appreciated.
Thank you for your time.
Hi Seve,
Thanks for reaching out.
The short answer is YES you should purchase a firearm. And since you’re in California, it’s going to be for your home or business.
Before I continue – I don’t consider myself a gun expert, I’m a self defense expert and any answer I give you is from that perspective. As far as specific model of weapon, I’m not that versed. I own a sig 9mm handgun, a mossberg 12 guage shot gun and a stag arms ar-15 and a little .22 rifle.
For home self defense it’s either a shotgun of the 9mm (why not a 45 in a minute).
Shot gun advantages
  • Don’t need to be crazy accurate.
  • Can load it with variable rounds like birdshot, buckshot and slugs
Shot gun disadvantages
  • Can’t conceal it well in the home – needs to be trigger locked, in a gun safe or unloaded (depending on your laws) this makes it less accessible.
  • Need to practice more taking corners around your home
  • Need to do a lot of drywall repair after

Handgun advantages

  • Easy to conceal in the home – can even carry it easily while in the home.
  • Easy to maneuver with
  • Can by put in a smaller safe or hideaway compartment
  • less drywall repair

Handgun advantages

  • Need to be more accurate
  • Need to hit with multiple rounds to stop threat (might have to reload)

So the choice is up to you…and now you see why I own both.

*Why a 9mm and not a 45? For the same reason law enforcement is switch back. The knock down power of a 45 is a little exaggerated. (we’re talking same “type of round” out of same type of weapon). So barrel length is the same, and load is the same – not a magnum vs. a plain old round.

What they discovered was that it is more important to get more rounds in your target than it is a larger caliber bullet. The problem with the 45 is the kick and it takes you farther off target – so you will miss more with the 45.

Remember – a firearm is only as good as the person holding it and it’s just a tool in your self defense tool box which should include methods of awareness, escape and evasion, hand to hand, edged and impact weapons.

Sound like a lot, but we can get you up to speed in a few months.

Anyway – if you’re going down the self defense path – which everyone should, make sure you got all of your other skills intact, since you’re 20,000 times more likely to have to defend yourself without a firearm.


Train Honestly,



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