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70 Year Old Woman Survives Attack

70 Year Old Woman Survives Attack

70 Year Old Woman Survives Attack

A 70-year-old woman was attacked while walking around Lake Adair in Orlando’s College Park neighborhood early Wednesday morning, in what is being called an attempted robbery.

Eleanor Trouse was circling the lake for the fifth time at about 5:30 a.m., when a car rolled up behind her slowly on the brick street. She tells FOX 35 that she immediately took off running backwards, and was terrified when a man got out of the passenger side.

“He was too fast for me. I could not get away, and he grabbed me by my arm with such strength and might, and he threw me to the brick street,” she explained.

The former Orlando Sentinel employee said the man was silent at first.

“I was scared. I was so scared.”

Eventually, the man yanked her back to her feet and asked her for money. Trouse said she just reacted by screaming.

“And I just kept screaming. He went and got back in the car, and they sped off.”

Trouse suffered a broken arm in the incident, and said she will never walk anywhere again when it is dark outside. She also wanted to warn both men and women that she did not feel night time walks in Orlando are safe anymore.

“I would say so not walk in any area after dark. I can not tell you how vulnerable I felt.”

Unfortunately, she did not get a good look at her attacker, since it was so dark, other than to say it was a white male.

What Can You Learn From This Attack?

1. REGRET – Eleanor realizes how vulnerable she is, the same goes for everyone who doesn’t  prepare in some way for an attack. This regret happens immediately after the assault. We take our safety for granted and don’t give the proper respect to what can actually happen. 


Without any training at all or a firearm, this 70 year old women was able to stop the attack and survive with minor injuries. 

Statistically the odds are in her favor since 87% of women who resist are successful.

Notice, she didn’t need to “defeat him” all she did was resist by running and yelling – and that was enough to stop him.

Self defense is ACTIVE RESISTANCE, its a plan to help you survive violence, not win a prize fight. 


Most attackers don’t want a fight, they want a victim. ANY RESISTANCE IS GOOD. 

Imagine if she was even the least bit prepared…

Great job Eleanor. 

Anyone with information about the early morning attack near the intersection of Lake Adair Street and Westmoreland Drive is asked to call Crime-line at 1-800-423-TIPS (8477).

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Published by Damian (Instructor)

Founder, The Self Defense Company

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  1. Good thing it happen in USA and not is South Africa. She would probebly be dead. That is good advice for people living in a first world country. Defenitely not for us here in SA. Glad she survived.

  2. In South africa no. Don’t resist. You will end up dead. This is not America. Just do yourself a favour and read up on SA crime stastistics. Tastics are different here.

  3. pieterdiver Do you have a link for that? 

    I use the Center for Disease Control for crime statistics, that’s world wide. No doubt SA is a dangerous place…so is Camden, NJ. 

    Violence is universal and the nature of violence is the same, criminals look for easy targets – not a fight. A man with a gun is tough…until someone shoots back.

  4. Was in the police force for 21years. Been there done that. You think every SA house look like a tail for nothing? In SA you just would not walk outside after dark. No white person does. Here that is considered stupid. For you guys that is normal. We lost more white farmers in one year than you have lost soldiers in the hole Irack war. Here people get killed for nothing. Make a sound an your dead. Be prepared and don’t get in such a situation. That is the rule here. Here are no death penalty. So whatever hapen , you just going to jail for n view months. Nothing serious. Just see Oscar Pistorius. Already due for parole.

  5. pieterdiver 50 people each day get murdered in SA and the criminal justice system is not protecting it’s people. 

    I think were talking about two different things here. 

    I’m saying if you resist you’re more likely to survive. 

    You’re saying that is this woman was attacked in SA she would be dead (I can’t comment on that, because it didn’t happen). 

    You’re also saying that the type of criminal in SA is more violent. I agree there are more violent criminals per capita in SA, and even if you’re faced with a person who wants to kill you – you’re chances of survival are greater when you resist than if you do not.

  6. If you know what to do and how to do it, yes. If you don’t, just give them what they want. This is the survival way in SA. Here all criminals are armed. ALL. Knife, firearm, zipgun, whatever. Unless your trained, don’t fight. They feel nothing to kill you. That is read your mails. Will buy the guide one day. Money. But one day I wil. Promise.

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