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Carl Says “Hard Training”

Carl Says “Hard Training”

Context: This is a post from Carl Cestari on a self defense forum around 2006. It was in respond to some threads – but underneath it all, is the link between traditional martial arts and reality based self defense…at its core there is no difference since it’ about what works.”


SHUGYO – Hard austere TRAINING

SUTEMI – Sacrifice

SHIBUMI – Understated true elegance

SAMURAI – One who serves

SHIN GI TAI – Mind, spirit, body

I am working hard at affiliating our Dojo [Damian Ross’s ZenShin Dojo – the pre-curser to The Self Defense Company] in the following ways:

Kodokan Judo: Affiliate Dojo status with Yonezuka Sensei, membership in the USJF, and affiliation with the Kodokan(thru which all rank will be issued).

Nippon Kempo Kyokai: Founded by Sawayama Sensei this Budo is a total fighting system. Blows, kicks, strikes, throws, chokes, joint locking. It is HARD full contact training using Bogu. Very real, very hard core. Application has been made on behalf of our Dojo.

Daidojuku Kakuto Karate International: Founded by Azuma Sensei, this system is purely a “fighting” Karate known for it’s “jissen” or reality based approach to combat. It too is an all-inclusive method. Full contact using “men” protection only. Azuma Sensei will travel PERSONALLY to our Dojo to conduct training and to evaluate us for branch Dojo status.

This is what I am working on. I welcome all of you to join us in these endeavor.

We will of course continue with our close combatives. I am also involved with setting up some training with former members of the Israeli Defense Force Special Operations Command. This will include ALL methods of close-combat.

As of late I have been increasingly disgusted with various trends and attitudes prevalent in a variety of forums. Too MUCH TALK, not enough action. Too MUCH NONSENSE and too MANY excuses.

Outside of our group that is FINE. Even GOOD. That means everyone else is LESS prepared. That suits me fine.

BUT, that attitude of complacency should NOT exist within our group. I want to re-ignite that BURNING desire to SHUGYO. To TRAIN HARD for its own benefit.

Eliminate the “I” and simply TRAIN! Eliminate the excuses and simply TRAIN!

These are OPPORTUNITIES that once missed will NOT come around again.

Age and time alone will ROB ALL OF US! Don’t squander your time, DON’T WASTE YOUR PRECIOUS RESOURCES!

Be HONEST with yourself.

I am NOT directing these comments to ANYONE here specifically. I read the utter nonsensical bullshit thread on SDF concerning Tempkin. They are ALL wasting their time and energy. They are BENEFITTING NOTHING!

AND…….They are ALL WRONG besides.

It’s a waste and it’s a shame. It’s also human nature.

This is what I train for, this is MY “kokoro”:

“Ichi Geki – Hissatsu” ONE ATTACK, CERTAIN DEATH. For who? That matter is decided by SHUGYO.

What’s your creed?

Carl Cestari 

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