How to Break a Grappler’s Balance

How to Break a Grappler’s Balance

Don’t grapple with a grappler – there is no reason to go down that path and try to match skill…even if you’re a seasoned grappler yourself.


  • Maintain your balance
  • Only “kick” when your balance allows you (don’t force it)
  • Try to maintain an inside grip
  • Bite and gouge if possible to create space, disrupt his mindset and allow you to strike

NOTE: Even if you’re a grappler you should use these tricks to break his balance instead of the subtle maneuvers reserved for sport.

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  1. Yeah, that “inside” instep kick seems like the one that mostly would present itself in an actual grappling encounter. I’ve even seen it done where you use your attacker’s upper body to “turn/twist” him in such a way as for him to place his weight onto that very foot of the leg that you are attacking. Very effective.

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