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KOBK Podcast 119

KOBK Podcast 119


In this episode of the Kill or Be Killed Podcast

Hot Chick Drugs and Mugs Men - there is no defense

People STILL Can't Fight

MMA street fight FAIL

The Wonder Hoodie, Bulletproof Sweatshirt STILL Sucks

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Published by Damian (Instructor)

Founder, The Self Defense Company

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  1. Awesome video guys. A couple thoughts came to mind:

    There is definitely no self-defense instructor telling guys beware of the hot chick who shows interest in you. In some ways I see her tactics as those of a serial killer/predator who uses some form of trickery and drugs to get what they want from their victim which is something you guys talk about in the modules. Having said that I agree with you guys that 99.99% of dudes (including myself) would throw caution to the wind if approached by this woman; a real unfortunate reality.

    The MMA guy fight is probably one of the best examples of trained MMA versus big angry adversary I have seen. He went for moves that he was trained to do because they probably worked on the mat. I have no doubt the MMA guy was crazy good on the mat but that didn’t help him here. You don’t have to answer me but I would be curious if you guys have ever personally seen situations like this where essentially a trained person fought a bigger untrained person and lost.

    I think the airport videos alone should show that even in arguably one of the most safe locations you can be at, in terms of violent crime, there is still a chance for people to pick a fight with you so it is important to stay alert.

    The entertainment value of the Tick Tock fights and commentary alone makes my day. I know you guys have day jobs to get to but this stuff is always fun to watch.

  2. Thanks for posting Cameron.

    You touched on one of my favorite topics – “trained vs untrained”.

    What do you consider trained – the guy that who spent decades in martial arts – right?

    What do you consider untrained – the guy who spent years surviving in the street?

    Now let me ask you – WHO WOULD YOU RATHER FIGHT?

    Me – I’ll take the karate guy ALL DAY. There’s some notion that people who are untrained are easy marks for those of us trained… I submit to you that this is a huge mistake martial artists make. And that’s because many of them have been sold a line of BS.

    So… to answer your question — YES. I’ve seen a few black belts working the door get tuned up by a street smart fighter.

    A few lifetimes ago my friend Bobby (RIP) had a wicked right hand and he NEVER spent any meaningful time training… just lifting weights and fighting. He laid out many a “trained fighter”.

    His secret – hit first, hit hard, hit often… repeat.

    1. Very interesting. Thank you for replying to my message. I am always interested in hearing stories and perspectives of those who have a lot of experience in the self-defense world. Unfortunately there are few individuals like yourself and other SDTS instructors who have the training aspect and real-world experience and can talk about both. To your point if walking down a street and was challenged or assaulted by a 180 pound guy who has three black belts or a 240 pound bruiser from downtown Chicago/Detroit/St. Louis, no question I would choose the trained guy any day.

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