Social Distancing – Perfect for Self Defense

Social Distancing – Perfect for Self Defense

One of the FIRST THINGS you learn in The Self Defense Training System is how to take the position of advantage when approached by a potential threat. One key component of the POA is distance , you want to be far enough away from the threat so he will need to “shift his weight” in order to “touch you”. The recommended 6 feet (2 meters) required for social distancing is perfect.

Social Distancing is the perfect excuse to “stay out of their range.” From this distance you can see the attack BEFORE it starts. This creates the reactionary gap that will give you the needed time to defend.

Why is social distancing GREAT for self defense?

Before, if someone tried to get into your space you would have to “establish distance”. This is fine – but it lets them know that you don’t trust their intentions – which creates a confrontational situation. Obviously letting them know you’re a hard target is a GOOD THING because a lot of times it will end the situation right there…however…

…there are a small percentage who might be triggered by any combative action and the social distancing excuse allows us to take the position of advantage WITHOUT potentially escalating the situation.

How long will social distancing last? Who knows, but after 9-11, air travel hasn’t been the same and after COVID-19 I’m confident that the way we interact and learn has changed for the immediate future.

Train Honestly…and at 6 feet away.


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