Self Defense BANNED by UDEMY!!

Self Defense BANNED by UDEMY!!

Self Defense Company Programs are BANNED by UDEMY for being “too violent” in nature. Two of the programs banned are basic programs, which begs the question…what exactly is UDEMY selling for self defense?

To be honest, 60 Minute Self Defense and Reality Check are basic programs while Guardian Police Combatives is non-lethal use of force training we include in our POLICE PACK – these programs are NOT brutally violent like SDTS Modules, 8, 11 12 or Operation Phoenix….


So to celebrate our “brutality” when helping defend against an attempted homicide or rape, we’re offering the targeted programs at promotional prices…

60 Minute Self Defense Training Pack HERE <<<

60 Minute Self Defense, is what every adult should know about Self Defense

Reality Check HERE <<<

Reality Check – 9 simple defenses to 9 brutal attacks

The Police Training Pack HERE <<<

Non-lethal use of force training for police, security and like minded citizens

The Elite Training Package HERE <<<

Get instant access to all of the above (and more) in one, low price.

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